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*Consulte por nuestro servicio de ALQUILER de baterías. Precios especiales acorde a su necesidad. Ideal para alquiler de maquinas elevadoras. 

Optimice el alquiler de su máquina con baterías nuevas sin tener que comprarlas. Agregue a su presupuesto el ALQUILER de nuestras baterías y garantice el funcionamiento perfecto de su maquina dandole a su cliente el máximo rendimiento de trabajo siempre. 


Manufacturers of lifting platforms and equipment rental companies know that Trojan deep cycle batteries are reliable in performance for the most demanding equipment operating in the most severe conditions.

From scissor-type access equipment to virtually most applications for work at height, a Trojan battery can be counted on to outperform its competitors.

Trojan batteries are characterized by the use of our own T2 Maxguard® Separator technology and the exclusive Alpha Plus® paste with T2 Technology which increases battery life, extended time of use and reduced maintenance.

Durability, reliability and performance mean fewer hours of wasted time and more productive hours on the job!

Learn more about our AC Series batteries that have been specifically designed for aerial work platform applications.

A selection of deep cycle batteries are available in extra durable Polyon® cartridges for heavy duty applications.

Trojan offers excellent technical support , available via phone or online, and our products are available through our worldwide network of Authorized Trojan Distributors . In Uruguay, the only one authorized to market and represent the Trojan brand is Redmay SA.

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